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Just Because... by FeatherlynneXWarrior Just Because... by FeatherlynneXWarrior
Just because EVERYONE is doing it, DOESN'T mean it's the RIGHT thing to do.
Part of the reason why morality has gone down the toilet is because people have a tenancy to blindly follow the majority. Whatever is the popular choice, whatever "everyone" is doing or supporting.

MYTH: EVERYONE is doing it, so it MUST be alright! And EVERYONE believes it, so it MUST be true! It's VERY popular (or) it's the popular choice, so it MUST be true and it MUST be alright!!

REALITY: Popularity DOESN'T MATTER. Just because "EVERYONE" (quote on quote) believes something or does something, doesn't mean it's the RIGHT thing to do or the right way to think or believe.

People support gay marriages.
Doesn't mean it's right.
People think it's their right to have an abortion.
Doesn't mean it's right.
People say it's OK to swear.
Doesn't mean it's right.
People promote sex before marriage and put up pictures of naked women.
Doesn't mean it's right. (Actually, this one sickens me the most.)

The moral of all this is the MAJORITY ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT.

The majority of people could start saying that rape or murder is OK, but would that make it right?
So before you go and follow the majority, check your heart and think to yourself, "Is this REALLY the RIGHT way to go?"
I'm not posting this to insult you (since that's what SOOOO many people interpret these things as), rather to challenge your thinking.
Even if the majority of the people is for it that doesn't automatically make it right.
I've disabled comments for now because I have better things to do with my time than argue on this matter.
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February 11, 2013
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